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The LFIM, an inclusive school.


At LFIM, we care about the success of all students.

For this, our team takes into account the students in their diversity and adapts to the needs of each, in particular through educational differentiation and the establishment of FLS courses (Français Langue de Scolarisation/for non-French speakers).

This set of practices allows all students to progress in the development of their skills.

Particular attention is also paid to pupils with special educational needs (EBEP).

Pupils with Needs  Individual Education



          AEFE has in its strategic orientation plan the reception of children with special needs.

At the French International School of Muscat, we meet the education needs of students with special educational needs in primary and secondary school. Reference teachers for primary and secondary education are trained for this purpose.

For each pupil, a meeting is organized (at least and more if necessary) with the parents and members of the educational team.

The missions of the educational teams are as follows:

  • Detect pedagogical difficulties.


  • Inform parents about special educational needs in order to raise their awareness.


  • Advise and suggest families to contact a specialist (speech therapist, psychomotrician, etc.) in order to determine, as far as possible, the origin of the persistent difficulties observed in class.


  • Establish a bond of trust between the teachers, the family and possibly the  therapists.


  • Elaborate protocols such as the PAP (personalized support plan), the PPS (personal schooling project), the PAI (individualized reception project), the PPRE (the personalized program for academic success) adapted to each student.


  • Accompany and support families of students with special educational needs.


The LFIM remains at your disposal for any further information.

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