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French educational excellence for all!

The educational service of the AEFE defines and implements the educational policy of the French education network abroad, in relation with the Ministry of National Education (MEN) and in line with the specificities of national and local contexts. .

French educational excellence for all! This is the fundamental objective of the common base, as the AEFE implements it from school to college. It defines the knowledge and skills that the 21st century citizen must master, for their personal development and professional performance.

The recent reform of the lycée extends and deepens this ambition, by developing innovative approaches and multidisciplinary approaches, by promoting student autonomy, and the development and support of their personal project. The educational service is committed to the educational teams in monitoring these reforms to:

  • optimized teaching quality in each discipline,

  • a harmonized development of evaluation practices, part of a culture of positive evaluation,

  • an effective implementation of the methods of personalized support in a school / college / high school continuum in order to ensure that each student achieves his own path of excellence.


It encourages and supports school projects based on an effective and coherent educational policy.

It stimulates an educational implementation boosted by ambitious projects of school and civic life and encourages fruitful cooperation with the host country, particularly in all areas of learning.

It helps schools to develop appropriate educational resources and helps monitor students with special needs.

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