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Elementary school


From CP to CM2, Elementary school offers children, in a benevolent environment, fundamental learning tools allowing them to achieve academically and socially.

In elementary school,  thanks to the support of teachers and their families, students develop:

  • Mastery of the French language and the first constituent elements of mathematics which are essential elements for developing and enriching their skills.

  • The school takes into account with a positive outlook the plurality and diversity of the aptitudes of each pupil. 

  • The reasoning  the sense of observation, the taste for experimentation, empathy, motor skills and creative imagination are developed.


Our teaching program: 5 areas of learning

Respecting the program of the French Ministry of National Education, within the framework of the certification our teaching is articulated around the 5 areas of learning:

  • Languages for thinking and communicating

  • Methods and tools for learning

  • The training of the person and the citizen

  • Natural systems and technical systems

  • Representations of the world and human activity


This teaching is implemented at the Lycée Français de Muscat by qualified teachers, in modern infrastructures, with kindness and a positive outlook on the child, while taking into account the diversity of the students.

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