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The governance

The Frenchschool of Muscat is an association  non-profit organization bound by an agreement with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE).

The high school  French Muscat is managed by the following bodies:

  • Board of directors,  led  by a President, is in charge of the supervision of the management of the establishment apart from the purely educational aspects.  All its members are volunteers and therefore do not obtain any financial compensation from the establishment.  for their activities. They are elected by the members of the Lycée  French of  Muscat in General Assembly. The Board of Directors represents the community of parents of students.

  • The School Council, chaired by the Principal, examines everything relating to school life and more particularly questions of education. It is the body which regulates pedagogical and educational affairs. It is chaired by the principal. Its missions are to adopt the establishment plan, internal regulations, timetables, schedule and staff training plan. It issues an opinion on the map of jobs, structures, travel and the organization of school life.

Reports to download

 CE 1

CE 2

CE 3 (05/29/22)

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