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The teams

Dynamism  and commitment  at the service of our students are the key words of the human resources of the LFM, in order to relay our values of Excellence in French education on a daily basis.

The administrative team
  • Main: Christine Riez

  • Management assistant and relations with local authorities: Amina AMALOU

  • Accountants: Mayia Al MAWALI  

  • School Life Manager: Tania SELEMANI

  • Extracurricular Coordinators: Mehnaze KASSIM

  • Security: Mahmoud Al SHIBLI

  • PRO: Aziz Al SHIBANI

School life

Mrs. Tania Selemani

+968 24 34 88 13


Ms Mehnaze Kassim

+ 968 24 34 88 15

The teaching team
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