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the  School Life Service is open from 7.45 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. and welcomes students, parents and teachers. If you wish to send us any questions, ask for proof of absence - delay, a punctual exit authorization, please contact the School Life office.

Responsibilities of school life

  • The functioning of the establishment: responsibility for controlling pupil numbers, accuracy and attendance, organization of the supervisory staff service, pupil movements, participation in the application of measures to ensure safety.

  • Collaboration with the teaching staff: exchanges of information with the teachers on the behavior and on the pupil's activity and results, his working conditions, joint research into the origin of his difficulties and the necessary interventions to enable him to overcome them, monitoring of the life of the class, collaboration in the implementation of orientation projects.

  • Educational animation: relationships and direct contacts with students on a collective and individual level (behavior, work, personal problems ...), organization of cultural activities, clubs, activities ...


Tania Selemani

Head of School Life

Phone: 00 (968) 24 34 88 13

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