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Newrest Adventurer Passport

Culinary discoveries around the world

In the company of Newrest , our restaurateur, the culinary world tour continues this year for LFM students. Each month, they discover a destination through a menu made up of specialties from the country. An original way to meet other cultures. Materially, children receive a stamp in their passport at each stopover.

It is possible to register students exceptionally by mail or telephone +968 24 34 88 15.


  • September: Wok Man

  • October: Flavors of the Middle East

  • November: The Sicilian Adventure

  • December: Christmas in Lapland

  • January: Okinawa Island

  • February: A week in Mexico

  • March: The Cypriot Three Kings

  • April: The festival of colors

  • May: Swedish polar delights

  • June: The chocolate coast

A fun, cultural and delicious adventure to awaken the taste buds  !

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