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Legal Notice

The French School of Muscat collects and may use students' personal data (such as their name, date of birth, photos, education and medical records) for the following purposes (non-exhaustive list):

  • Compliance with regulations (eg  : compliance with the standards issued by the Omani Ministry of Education which transmits to the competent Omani authorities, by the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), administrative files, etc.)

  • Organization of lessons and publication of student results

  • General administration (ex  : project management, communication relating to work or teaching, school records)

  • Education (ex: prizes, rewards, certifications, academic achievements, schools attended)

  • Admission of students (ex: new admission, withdrawal / cancellation)

  • Communication with parents or legal representatives (emails from teachers, Guidance service, crisis communication)

  • School trips (e.g. organization, logistics, medical needs, food needs, registration)

  • Registration for Cultural and Sports Activities

  • Medical needs (ex  : allergies)

  • Insurance

  • Transmission of information to requesting third-party schools as part of their admission procedures

  • Transmission of statistics from the Lycée Français de Muscat to the competent Omani authorities (e.g. for Omani children  : class, name and date of registration, for staff  : name, nationality, qualification,… ..)


The Lycée collects and may use the personal data of parents or legal guardians of students (such as name, date of birth, email address, telephone, bank details) for the following purposes (non-exhaustive list):

  • Communication with parents or legal representatives (through teachers, school management, guidance service or administration)

  • Medical needs in the event of an emergency (e.g. contact with family in the event of an accident or major risk)

  • School trips (e.g. organization, logistics, medical needs, food needs, registration)

  • Fundraising for the needs of the school

  • Invoicing and payment (ex: invoicing of school fees, balance of any account and payment history, payment process)


the  Lycée Français de Muscat also collects personal data via the Portal  Parents  Eduka subject to consent (read EDUKA privacy policy) and may:

  • Use students' personal data (name, photos, films, etc.) only for non-commercial purposes, including  :

    • Internal uses: school booklet, brochure, poster, class photo, yearbook, educational projects etc ...

    • External uses: website and social networks of the Agency for French Education Abroad, website and social networks of the Lycée, presentation documents of the Lycée, etc ...

The consent

Parental consent

With regard to students in  levels up to Terminale included, parental consent is considered  as sufficient.

the  French Lycée de Muscat can  to be  required to collect and use the personal data of students and their  parents or representatives. Consent to the use by the Lycée Français de Muscat of these  data is requested within the framework of the Parents Eduka Portal and during the consultation  of our website.


Implied consent

Where a person has freely decided to participate in a situation or process in which the collection of personal data can reasonably be envisaged, implied consent can be considered as given. This concerns:

  • Student registration files (admission process before acceptance)

  • The use of video surveillance (CCTV) in the premises of the Lycée

  • The events organized by the Lycée.

Data management and protection

Data security

The Lycée Français de Muscat undertakes to:

  • Implement appropriate security measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access, in particular when the data processing involves transmission or storage on or in a network.

  • Notify the persons concerned in the event of accidental or unauthorized access to their data that could lead to damage or prejudice.


Rights of access, correction and withdrawal

Parents have the right to consult personal data concerning them or their children (subject to the exclusions listed below) and to request modifications or corrections to this data. Parents will have access to data held on their children during their schooling at the Lycée within the limits specified in this policy.  

Thanks to the Lycée's Eduka Parents Portal, parents have free access whenever they wish to the personal data that the Lycée holds on them or their children. A modification or correction is always possible if necessary. (read the EDUKA privacy policy)


Exceptions  to the right of access  The privacy policy does not provide for the right of access to all information held by an organization. Thus, the Lycée Français de Muscat reserves the right to refuse access to  : 

  • Opinions retained for evaluation purposes 

  • Copies or exam results

  • Confidential written references to support a student's application to other educational institutions or courses

  • Data or documents that would provide personal data about other individuals in violation of this policy.


Data retention and deletion

The Lycée Français de Muscat undertakes to use its best efforts to destroy or anonymize documents containing personal data as soon as it can be considered that  : 

  • The purpose for which the data was collected no longer requires its conservation.

  • Data retention is no longer necessary for legal or management reasons.


Sharing data with third parties

Personal data may be transmitted by the Lycée to third parties, service providers or agents in Muscat (such as travel agencies, insurance companies and data hosting companies). Personal data may also be transmitted to schools located outside Muscat, to the French Ministry of National Education or to any other institution located outside Muscat.

The Lycée Français de Muscat will share this data only to obtain the necessary services from these third parties and not for commercial purposes. 

The Lycée signs contracts to ensure that third parties use the data only for the purpose of  providing the service and taking appropriate precautions to protect the data.

In some cases, for example in the context of online services, there is no explicit contract. In these cases, the Lycée will ensure that the general conditions of the service provide that  :

  • The Lycée remains the owner of the data.

  • The service provider is not authorized to use the data entrusted for any other purpose than to provide the requested service. 

  • The service provider takes reasonable precautions to ensure data security. 

  • When the Lycée ends its relationship with the service provider, all data will be erased and will not be used for other purposes. 

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