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Middle School
The college has been approved since September 2018 by the French Ministry of National Education. The courses provided, the assessments and the reform are applied in the same way as on French territory. This allows students who return to France to return to school normally without any particular formality. For several years, we have achieved 100% success in the National Brevet Diploma.

The high school
Only grade 10 is approved. Grade 11 and 12 should be approved for september 2024.
.Students are registered on th
e regulated CNED platform which is the distance education interface of the French National Education Ministry.
We offer high school students a timetable, made up of time slots, reserved for homework, preparatory reading time in each discipline and finally moments of "reverse classes" under the tutelage of teaching assistants who are in their great majority experienced holders of National Education. Our objective is to support our students in obtaining the Baccalaureate but above all to prepare them to become independent students in the post-Baccalaureate. Our students for several years have posted 100% results and join schools or universities in France but also abroad .

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